Monday, 1 December 2014

Finally... A mini shop update!!

As hinted at in my last blog post, I've been a bit overwhelmed by external circumstances over the past few months and the shop has sadly taken a backseat. At the end of September, I moved out into a new place - it is not so far from where I have been living over the past two years but it has taken quite a while to get settled in (and have our internet installed!!!). 

I'm finally beginning to get organised and have some pretty new listings to share... with more to come soon! Despite moving home, I still have access to the yard where I take pictures for the shop, so I will continue taking photos there, whenever the winter clouds lift. Hope you enjoy these new pieces...The blouse is a beauty!

1940s sheer cream blouse with scalloped collar and cuffs

1970s Pearl Burst brass necklace

Original tag on a NOS 1960s cotton apron by Hercules

Monday, 27 October 2014

100 sales and a pop-up sale

Things have been a little quiet around here... I'll post more news when I get chance but rest assured that I've got tons of vintage goodies to share when things are settled again! In the meantime, Elly Maggy Vintage reached a special milestone of 100 sales when I shipped this 80s leather purse earlier today. I'm having a wee pop-up sale to celebrate. Head on over to the shop quick sharpish for some bargains!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Anniversary sale!

This week, Elly Maggy Vintage will turn 2! I can't believe it has been two whole years since I opened up shop with my very first listings (see awkward, pre-mannequin shop photo below!). 

In celebration, Elly Maggy Vintage is hosting a week-long sale. Starting today, everything in the shop will be 20% off. AND followers of the blog can enjoy a further 5% off with the check-out code BLOG5 !!! Pop on over to the shop to see what takes your fancy...

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Monday, 25 August 2014

End of summer listings

Although August isn't even over yet, it definitely feels like summer is coming to an end. The temperatures are getting quite chilly and it's been raining most days over the past few weeks. The downpours have made taking photos quite a challenge but I've posted three new listings in the shop - all good items for wearing while the weather and seasons change. The first items are from more recent times: a lovely 70s-does-40s dress in a larger size and a 1980s sleeveless blouse with a
pretty floral print. 

1970s daisy print poly dress by Richard Stump

1980s roses and hydrangeas blouse
 And the final listing is a very special pair of mid-century capri pants. Unfortunately, these ones were rather tricky to photograph - they have the loveliest fit but it is hard to show while they are hanging on a hanger! Hopefully they will be snapped up soon and they can be shown off properly! They are made from really soft cotton and very comfortable.

1950s pale green cotton capri pants

I've got a mini mountain of new items to list (including the Art Deco jacket I mentioned in my last post!) - some are piled up here at home and others are off getting dry-cleaned. I will be away for some of this week so it may be a little while before the new items are up in the shop but I can't wait to share them here.

While I am away, there is going to be a little shipping delay - any items bought between Wednesday 27th August and Monday 1st September will ship on Tuesday (2nd September). During this time, you can use the shipping code SHIPPING10 at the check-out to get 10% off your order!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Mid-century dresses

Three very special dresses have just been listed in the shop!

1950s crysanthemum print brushed cotton dress
1950s cotton voile paisley dress by Victor Josselyn
1940s emerald green wool dress
 I can't wait for these to find new homes...

As well as listing new items, I've also been gathering together some more pieces to add to the shop - the next update will feature a variety of decades and a particularly lovely Art Deco jacket. A lot of rain is forecast for tomorrow but if the sun does manage to shine, I'll be hopping out into the yard to take some pictures!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer separates

As promised, after all the accessories updates, I've returned to clothing and added three summer separates to the shop - two sweet cotton blouses and an airy linen skirt.

1980s botanical print tie blouse
1940s-style pastel posies home-sewn blouse

1980s cream linen midi skirt
The skirt is particularly lovely and very versatile - in fact, I think it would look very nice worn with both these blouses! In addition to the new listings, I also sorted out a couple of pieces that need dry-cleaning this evening so I'll be adding those to the shop soon... I just hope the summer sun keeps shining so I can take some pictures!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Accessories Update - Part III

Mid-century raw silk gold evening purse
 I'm back with yet more accessories listings for the shop - five lovely new bags and a pair of brilliant, bright embroidered pumps. And - after all the jewellery, bags, shoes and sunglasses of the last three posts - I'll be returning to clothing tomorrow with a mini summer update.

1980s navy leather clutch

Vintage embroidered Indian pumps
Black mod PVC shoulder bag
Black brocade evening bag, circa 1940s / early 1950s
1980s marble pink leather purse

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Accessories Update - Part II

Well, the final part of the accessories shop update didn't go quite as planned yesterday - I sat down to my computer to find it had well and truly crashed! But, several hours of tinkering later, it was back to normal and these items have all been listed in the shop. Three lovely mid-century pieces of jewellery and some 1980s sunglasses for when the sun re-appears!

1980s cat eye sunglasses
1950s jade green hand-carved bangle

Red stone costume necklace, circa 50s / 60s
Mid-century Spanish charm bracelet

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Accessories Update - Part I

It looks like the listings hiatus is definitely over as I spent a couple of hours this afternoon back out in the yard, dodging clouds and taking shop photos for a big accessories update. Here are some of the new pieces and I'll be posting details of the rest tomorrow!

1970s dark brown leather belt
1980s oversized amber necklace
Vintage bronze leaf chain necklace
1970s terracotta wooden necklace

Monday, 23 June 2014

70s wrap skirts

1970s Indian cotton wrap skirt
 I am coming out of my listings hibernation to post pictures of these beautiful 1970s wrap skirts, which I have just listed in the shop. I was so pleased when I found these two. They are just the right kind of skirt for summer - airy cotton and very easy to wear!  Things seem to have eased up a little bit so I'm hoping the listings hiatus is over. It was very nice to be back out in the yard with the sun shining while I took these pictures.

1970s hand-printed wrap skirt
Close-up of the hand-printed fabric - so pretty!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


1960s gogo tassle tunic by Melbray of London

Looking at my last post, I realise I've been absent from this ol' blog for two whole months now - I thought it was just a couple of weeks! I wanted to stop by to say that I haven't forgotten the shop... Far from it! I really miss working on listings and adding new items to Elly Maggy Vintage. There are some other matters that have needed a lot of my attention over the past few months and it looks set to stay that way for the next month or so. I'm afraid the shop is having to take a backseat while I try to get things sorted. 

But I do hope to be back soon!! I have lots of pretty pieces patiently waiting to be photographed and I'm eager to start working on summertime listings once the dust settles (all being well!). In the meantime, the shop is open and I'm shipping out orders so have a browse around... and take a little look at this brilliant 60s tassle tunic - the last piece I listed! I'm looking forward to listing and posting here more regularly again soon.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spring Denim

Last May, I added some denim items to the shop and now Spring has come around again, I thought it was time to list a few more! Click on the links for details.

1980s high-waisted Levis orange tab jeans

1980s denim dungarees by Miss Selfridge

Mid 70s cotton smock by Miss Selfridge

I'll be adding the more listings soon (look out for news here!) and then I'll be preparing even more items to add to the shop. A trip to the dry cleaner's and more thrifting is in order!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Shop update

1970s Liberty of London Art Deco silk scarf
1970s St Michael geometric scarf

 Over the weekend, I updated Elly Maggy Vintage with four new listings, all recent finds for the shop. There are two 1970s scarves - one from Liberty of London and one from St Michael - as well as a lovely 70s shirt dress and a 1960s cape. The latter was a very strange coincidence; I sold a belted cape from my wardrobe just a couple of months ago and, when I came across this blue one, I was surprised to see that it came from the same Welsh woollen mill!

1970s Leygil of London shirt dress
1960s Welsh tweed cape

It has been lovely Spring weather over the past few days and I was able to get out and take quite a lot of photographs for the shop. I have a busy week ahead but as soon as I get chance to write up more listings, there will be more shop updates appearing here!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Hello and a shop sale!

Hello! I'm back from a very, very snowy Portland and a very warm San Francisco. 

The shop is open again and I'm having a wee sale to celebrate. Everything is currently 20% off until Thursday! All items purchased in the sale will be shipped on Friday.