Monday, 26 November 2012

First Sale

A little while ago, I received my very first shop order to much excitement (and tissue paper affray!). As a hoarder of old paper scraps and postcards, I set about sifting through my collection for a suitable card to pop in with the parcel. This Marcel Marceau hat-themed picture seemed a very good choice for the fedora wrapped up inside.

Blue-papered package tied up with string.

I've been a bit quiet listing items recently but I will be adding more soon - definitely over the next fortnight. I have lots of nice new pieces waiting to be photographed and there is a particularly lovely  60s dress that I can't wait to pop in the shoppe!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Purple check

Inspired by the two fifties dresses currently for sale in the shop and brightening up my clothing rail, I thought I'd share one of my favourite mid-century finds: a pretty purple plaid dress that I bought on a weekend away in Belgium. I wish I could remember the name of the shop as it was a real treasure trove - in fact, Brussels was full of great second-hand shops. I was really taken with the deep side pockets and bakelite yellow buttons. The shop dated the dress to the 1950s but the length makes me think it could date from the late '40s.

On the Scottish seashore

These photographs were taken during its first outing on a trip to Scotland a few years ago, with my first roll of film in an old 35 mm camera. I wasn't sure how successful the pictures would be but, considering the camera was a £12 ebay purchase, I think they turned out OK, if a little too dark. It was actually the middle of summer - I think I'm even paddling in the first photograph - but you wouldn't guess it from the glowering sky and sea!

Dress + goofy grin

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fifties Frocks - Times Two!

I've just added a couple of new items to the shop including two lovely mid-century dresses.

1950s dirndl dress

This first one is all the way from Italy and has a quirky alpine/dirndl quality with its fitted top, full skirt and long, gathered sleeves. The skirt has three layers: a satin slip; a net skirt for added volume; and a delicate outer layer, which looks like a thin muslin, painted with a recurring polka-dot pattern. I love the pearl buttons and lace trim collar.

Pearly queen

Dirndl details

I found the second dress in an antiques shop in Oxford, hidden among the crockery and knick-knacks, several years ago. It's made from beautiful violet chiffon, printed with nostalgic sepia-coloured flowers. It's such a pretty, romantic dress - I can't wait for it to find a home.

1950s sepia print evening dress

Take a look in the shop for more photos!