Monday, 25 August 2014

End of summer listings

Although August isn't even over yet, it definitely feels like summer is coming to an end. The temperatures are getting quite chilly and it's been raining most days over the past few weeks. The downpours have made taking photos quite a challenge but I've posted three new listings in the shop - all good items for wearing while the weather and seasons change. The first items are from more recent times: a lovely 70s-does-40s dress in a larger size and a 1980s sleeveless blouse with a
pretty floral print. 

1970s daisy print poly dress by Richard Stump

1980s roses and hydrangeas blouse
 And the final listing is a very special pair of mid-century capri pants. Unfortunately, these ones were rather tricky to photograph - they have the loveliest fit but it is hard to show while they are hanging on a hanger! Hopefully they will be snapped up soon and they can be shown off properly! They are made from really soft cotton and very comfortable.

1950s pale green cotton capri pants

I've got a mini mountain of new items to list (including the Art Deco jacket I mentioned in my last post!) - some are piled up here at home and others are off getting dry-cleaned. I will be away for some of this week so it may be a little while before the new items are up in the shop but I can't wait to share them here.

While I am away, there is going to be a little shipping delay - any items bought between Wednesday 27th August and Monday 1st September will ship on Tuesday (2nd September). During this time, you can use the shipping code SHIPPING10 at the check-out to get 10% off your order!

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