Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Shop Update: Summery Citrus Tones

80s seersucker blouse
This update is full of summery citrus tones... with a little bit of cheery red for good measure! We're in the middle of an extreme June heatwave here in the U.K. but shop photographs have continued despite the intense weather. It's actually been nice to get some sunshine out in the yard but sitting at my computer to list the items is another matter altogether! It's just toooooo hot! 

Still, there are plenty of goodies on the way... Look out for some great seventies pieces and mid-century novelty prints. I'll be sure to share them here!

1960s St Michael cotton dress
90s yellow poppy tank
60s moonglow necklace
80s floral romper
60s floral maxi skirt
70s does 40s fruit and leaf print shirt dress
*RESERVED* 1940s moygashel linen blouse

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Shop Update: 1980s Summer

*SOLD* 1980s YSL Rive Gauche citrus yellow linen trousers
These super cute summer pieces have all hit the shop over the past week or so. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I'm on a major eighties kick at the moment so this update has plenty of pretty 80s dresses to choose from. As usual, click on the links to shop the listings over on Etsy.

*SOLD* 50s 60s raffia bag

1980s Gerard Pasquier kelly green cotton shirt
1980s passion flowers floral print dress
80s does 50s hibiscus flower print jumpsuit
1980s blue and white cotton sun dress by Heather Valley
80s tropical vacation summer dress
80s does 20s silver crochet dress

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Shop Update: Mademoiselle Coco and Pretty Purses

1980s Jaeger skirt set
I hope you enjoy this round-up of new pieces that recently hit the shop... A sweet selection of clothing and accessories in classic shades of red, gold, black and brown. I've been on a bit of an eighties kick in the shop... And that's set to continue for a while as I'm currently adding a collection of 80s summer dresses... The 1980s might be responsible for some power dressing fashion crimes but I'm a big fan of the era's old-timey romantic fashions and 80s-does-50s + 80s-does-40s styles. After the ongoing eighties crop, I've got some 20s, 40s and 50s pieces squirreled away so if you like your vintage pre-60s, stay tuned!

80s Roland Cartier chestnut brown stiletto pumps
*SOLD* 1970s crochet purse
1980s Roland Cartier gold stiletto pumps
80s Mademoiselle Coco faux Chanel scarf
80s red suede statement belt
1970s polka dot silk scarf
1950s black and gold lurex evening bag
80s convertible clutch crossbody embroidered bag
1980s checkerboard beaded bag
1980s millefiori vintage necklace
80s fruit and floral shirt by Katy Baker

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Shop Update: Pretty in Pink

1980s Jean Muir fuschia pink wool dress
If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that I recently got back from a trip to the beautiful Spanish Coast of Catalonia. The time away gave me space to think and I arrived home in England full of ideas of where I want to take Elly Maggy Vintage... But more of that in a future blog post. For now, I'm stopping by to share some sweet pink and neutral pieces that hit the shop recently. As always click on the links to view the listings on Etsy. 

1960s slip by Prova
Vintage pink pyjamas
1950s Mother of Pearl necklace
Metallic flowers rounded beaded purse
1950s Aurora Borealis crystal necklace
1930s teardrop crystal choker necklace
Joanna souvenir name necklace
80s white slouchy knit tank
80s does 40s classic neutral blouse

Monday, 24 April 2017

Susan Williams-Ellis + a very special dress

1980s Pomegranate Print silk dress 
I have just listed this beautiful dress in the shop and wanted to share a bit more about its fascinating history.

While out hunting for new pieces for Elly Maggy Vintage, I was immediately drawn to this dress' beautiful pomegranate print, reproduced on gorgeous, tissue-soft silk. 

When I spotted the interior label, I knew that this piece was very special. The designer of the print was named as Susan Williams-Ellis, the founder of Portmeirion Pottery and daughter of the architect, Clough Williams-Ellis, who built the brilliantly playful and colourful Italianate village, Portmeirion, in Wales. 

Having studied art at Chelsea Polytechnic under Henry Moore and Graham Sutherland, Susan Williams-Evans produced four panels for the 1951 Festival of Britain before becoming internationally famous for her distinctive Portmeirion Pottery designs. 

This particular dress has a very similar feel to her wonderful 1970 'Magic Garden' design with a similar colourway to her artwork for the Monte Sol pattern. 

1970s Magic Garden mug

1960s Monte Sol Kitchen canisters available at Chixycoco on Etsy
While researching online for more information, I was interested to discover that Williams-Ellis' granddaughter, Rose Fulbright, has continued the artistic tradition of her family and become a fashion designer, who reproduces Williams-Ellis' prints on a range of beautiful silk loungewear. You can view her lovely creations over on her website at

When my internet searches on the Cara label proved tricky, Rose kindly helped by providing some background on the dress, confirming that Williams-Ellis worked on her fashion project with the Cara label for a short while during the 1980s. She informed me that the print appears to be based on one of Williams-Ellis' felt pen drawings and was printed onto the silk fabric in India.

Having spent a large part of my life living on the Staffordshire / Cheshire border, I was delighted to find a piece of clothing linked to the Potteries. I've always thought that the inventive designs of the ceramics industry could lend themselves well to textiles and this dress is a beautiful case in point.  

Sunday, 23 April 2017