Tuesday, 20 May 2014


1960s gogo tassle tunic by Melbray of London

Looking at my last post, I realise I've been absent from this ol' blog for two whole months now - I thought it was just a couple of weeks! I wanted to stop by to say that I haven't forgotten the shop... Far from it! I really miss working on listings and adding new items to Elly Maggy Vintage. There are some other matters that have needed a lot of my attention over the past few months and it looks set to stay that way for the next month or so. I'm afraid the shop is having to take a backseat while I try to get things sorted. 

But I do hope to be back soon!! I have lots of pretty pieces patiently waiting to be photographed and I'm eager to start working on summertime listings once the dust settles (all being well!). In the meantime, the shop is open and I'm shipping out orders so have a browse around... and take a little look at this brilliant 60s tassle tunic - the last piece I listed! I'm looking forward to listing and posting here more regularly again soon.

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