Sunday, 15 September 2013

Just listed

It has been a horrible day here weather-wise. The wind has been tossing around the beech trees, throwing birds out of branches, and a torrential rainstorm has been rattling the windows. As a result, I've spent a lazy Sunday afternoon indoors but I have managed to get up a new listing in the shop. I took the pictures two weeks ago (when the sun was shining!) but I've been sitting on them since then. Finally they're up online!

Painterly floral Regina Kravitz union-made button-up dress
Look at that capelet!

It deserves a close-up!
...and another one!
And so does the hip pocket with its lovely pleats!
Here's the dress in action
Take a little look in the shop for all the details. I made a reconnaisance trip to town for new pieces yesterday and managed to see a few nice bits and bobs. I usually buy things straightaway for the Etsy shop but I was in a rush so I'll be going back tomorrow with fingers crossed that they're all still there! The update might be a little way off as I'll be away for work at the end of the week for a few days (so any items bought on Thursday-Friday will be shipped after the weekend) but I have some good news to post before then so keep your eyes peeled!

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