Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sneak peek

Since my last post, I've been choosing clothes for the shop, with much dithering and umm-ing and ah-ing. It's not been easy quashing hoarder impulses but - for the sake of magpie ways and an empty purse - the time has come to say goodbye to some loved pieces of thread. So, I've been busy sifting, sorting, washing and ironing and have finally started photographing some of the clothes I'll be selling. Here's a sneak peek (until I can save enough for a mannequin, there'll be pictures of me posing awkwardly - a real shop dummy - so apologies in advance!):

1980s navy cotton skirt in a mid-century, nautical style

Vintage blue wool fedora

1980s floral wide-legged jumpsuit with a 1940s feel

Early 1990s-does-1960s denim shirt dress

And I'm still not sure about parting ways with that sailor skirt! Ah well, needs must... You'll notice that these pieces mainly date from the latter decades of the twentieth century but my favourite clothing eras are actually the 1920s to the early 1960s. The pieces I've gathered from later on usually echo earlier fashions so you'll see a common thread throughout the threads (as it were!). My first shop update will mainly focus on more recent times but there are older clothes waiting to be laundered and photographed... I'll give you a sneak peek of one of those tomorrow!  

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