Thursday, 1 June 2017

Shop Update: Mademoiselle Coco and Pretty Purses

1980s Jaeger skirt set
I hope you enjoy this round-up of new pieces that recently hit the shop... A sweet selection of clothing and accessories in classic shades of red, gold, black and brown. I've been on a bit of an eighties kick in the shop... And that's set to continue for a while as I'm currently adding a collection of 80s summer dresses... The 1980s might be responsible for some power dressing fashion crimes but I'm a big fan of the era's old-timey romantic fashions and 80s-does-50s + 80s-does-40s styles. After the ongoing eighties crop, I've got some 20s, 40s and 50s pieces squirreled away so if you like your vintage pre-60s, stay tuned!

80s Roland Cartier chestnut brown stiletto pumps
*SOLD* 1970s crochet purse
1980s Roland Cartier gold stiletto pumps
80s Mademoiselle Coco faux Chanel scarf
80s red suede statement belt
1970s polka dot silk scarf
1950s black and gold lurex evening bag
80s convertible clutch crossbody embroidered bag
1980s checkerboard beaded bag
1980s millefiori vintage necklace
80s fruit and floral shirt by Katy Baker

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