Wednesday, 11 February 2015

American finds

The shop is open again after my Stateside trip and I'm starting to clean up and repair some of the vintage pieces I found over there, including this skirt and dress. It is a little hard to make out in this hastily-snapped picture but the skirt features an amazing print of pink roses and white bulls and the dress has a fantastically unusual collar / cape detail at the back of the bodice. The dress needed some TLC but, since this photo was taken, its zip has been replaced and a few repairs here and there have revived it to its former lovely state!

 I was really pleased to discover that the skirt was made by a designer from Seattle, Pamela Foster. I usually come across pieces made in New York or London and, having spent quite a bit of time in the Pacific Northwest now, it was nice to find a piece from this part of the world. I've been trying to discover more information about the designer but unfortunately I can't find much online. There is however an expired listing for a two-piece set she designed for the Seattle World Fair, which took place in 1962.

 According to this 1990s article, clothing was quite a large feature at the fair, with Vogue putting on four fashion shows a day by a perfumed pool and media concern over how attendees would dress:

"Pained, The Times' Dorothy Neighbors had begged local women who visited the fair not to disgrace the Pacific Northwest with their dowdy clothes and casual hairstyles. She advised them to shorten the hems of their dresses, not mistake high heels for high style, and -- above all! -- to leave their slacks in the closet."

Eesh! I hope that when this skirt is sold, the new owner will wear it however she likes, casual hairstyles and all!!! I'll be sure to post details here when the new pieces are listed in the shop. And in the meantime, look out for a special shop discount code in the coming days. 

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