Friday, 17 May 2013

Jean Genie

Here is the second part of my 90s shop update, full of Spring denim.
1990s denim dungarees
Vintage Diesel jeans
1990s sleeveless check shirt
1990s denim mini
1990s button-up denim midi skirt

As well as the new additions, I'm also including a nice pinafore and cut-off skirt that have been lurking in the shop a little longer!

1980s Levi's cut-off denim skirt
1990s dark denim pinafore

I really like all these casual pieces - they're nice for everyday running around - but I think I'll also choose something a bit different for the next shop update. Keep your eyes peeled! And, in other news, I've created a little facebook page for EllyMaggy Vintage. I'm not much of a one for social media in personal matters but I think it can be a very nice way to keep up-to-date with things that interest you. I'll be posting sales and bits and bobs about the shop, in addition to the pieces I post here, so 'like' the page, if you have facebook and you're so inclined! Thank you!

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