Sunday, 13 January 2013

West Coast Wanderin'

Following on from my last post about Honey Talk, here are some photographs from my stay in Washington State. The San Juan Islands, just off Seattle, are one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited - a strange combination of evergreens and driftwood with different views at every turn. Lots of sandy shores, mountain panoramas and dark forest...

Seashore finds: a driftwood tent...
and washed-up balloons

Choosing these pictures brought back happy memories this afternoon, especially with flakes of snow drifting outside the window. The weather's suddenly turned very chilly here but I've used the cold snap to choose and wash new items for the shop. Lots of nice '80s and '90s items for the next update I think... Then I'll be rewinding to the '50s after that. So expect more soon! And I'll also share some more photographs of my travels (and American vintage finds!) in future posts.

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