Sunday, 20 January 2013

Etsy Update

The flakes of snow I mentioned in my last post turned into a blizzard which turned into a thick, white, fluffy blanket. 

So, this is the coldest shop update yet - all photos taken wearing fingerless mittens and thick thermal tights! A couple of new items went up this afternoon, including a grey tunic dress that I'm very fond of, and there'll be more pieces to come later in the week. The tunic dress belongs to a collection of clothes made by Topshop in the 1990s that I've been slowly adding to the shop. Two items have already sold and I only have a couple more pieces from this stash left. The rest of today's update includes some really nice, bright, cheerful pieces - good additions to gloomy days! I hope you find something you like! I've also knocked down a couple of prices in the shop so take a peek around the rest of the items too...


  1. Snow is really so pretty to look at, I just wish it didn't mean everything was freezing!!


    1. Yes, I've been so cold over the past week! No amount of layers seems enough! I just got back from a little trip to London and the train ride was so pretty - fields and fields of snow and frozen canals - but the reality of the freezing, slippy streets wasn't so nice! Hope you're keeping warm in Canada!