Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Shop news

Hello! Well, I started September with lots of plans for shop updates and blogposts but the days disappeared rather too quickly and now it's October all of a sudden! There were some good reasons for time running away (a trip to London and a long weekend in Cumbria) and some bad (a nasty bug which resulted in several days in bed). The blogposts and updates will be on their way soon enough but, first, I'm travelling to the West Coast of America for a very special reason - I'm getting married!!

1940s cake topper

  Usually, if I'm away for a day or two, I prefer to run a sale and delay shipping orders but, as it's such a big trip, I've decided to shut up shop for the full two weeks that I'll be in America. The store will be closed from 12th - 27th October. I've already got some really nice mid-century pieces ready to add to Elly Maggy Vintage when I get back and hopefully there might be some American bits and bobs to list too! So keep an eye out when the shop re-opens!! And see you soon!


  1. oh wow!! congrats!! I hope it's such a magical day!

  2. ooh, your getting married! congratulations! I'll be keeping an eye out for your goodies too, can I follow you?! x x