Friday, 30 August 2013

North West Wanderings

This is the first in a series of posts about my home region, the North West of England. After reading Christie's love letter to her local neighbourhood, I thought it might be nice to post photographs of places that I visit close to home and show you more of the local area where I find (the majority!) of the pieces for my shop. A little while ago, I wrote some posts about my West Coast Wanderings, sharing pictures from my time in the States - these will be my North West Wanderings. Since moving back to the area last year, I've really come to appreciate how pretty the landscape is and I hope to explore new places and local cities. I'll also share any good vintage places that I find along the way; they're actually quite thin on the ground close to me, which makes thrifting pretty good going!

These first photographs show Little Moreton Hall, a Tudor mansion, which has survived Marie-Celeste-like since it was requisitioned by the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War. Although the Royalist Moreton family petitioned to retain ownership of the hall, the house was subsequently rented out to tenant farmers for several centuries before it was left to the nation in the 1930s. There are quite a few surviving Tudor buildings in Cheshire but with its position - set back from the road overlooking fields - Little Moreton Hall seems to exist in its own historically anachronistic bubble.

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