Wednesday, 13 February 2013

West Coast Wanderin' III

View from Twin Peaks

Here's the third installment of picture posts about my time in America last year. This time it's San Francisco. I've visited the city a couple of times but only ever grabbed a few days here and there, either side of flights. I'd really like to stay longer and explore a bit more but I'm very grateful for the days I have spent there, zig-zagging up and down hills, gazing out over the bay, meandering through Chinatown, looking up at murals in the Mission.

Each visit, I've ended up pounding the pavements, taking pictures and trying to absorb as much as I can. San Francisco is such an atmospheric place with its pastel-painted houses and Mediterranean light and endlessly tall palm trees.

I really enjoy browsing the secondhand bookstores in San Francisco. My favourite was Dog Eared Books. I didn't explore many vintage shops during my days in the city, aside from a few stores in Haight-Ashbury. Unfortunately, they were on the pricey side and the area itself was a bit of a disappointment to me - it felt more like a tourist destination rather than a neighbourhood with  character and history. 


There were so many views and sights to enjoy but I think my favourite San Francisco memories are of the murals in Coit Tower (which has quite a fascinating history), antique amusements at the Musee Mecanique and our long walk through Golden Gate Park to the Cliff House.

I especially liked this little hash house and its 'Stinko' sign! It reminded me of Mildred Pierce.

The Camera Obscura and its view of the Pacific was magical... And even better remembered with snow outside the window!

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