Sunday, 28 October 2012


1960s Jacqmar geometric silk scarf

Yesterday some autumnal sun finally peeked through and I got chance to run outside and photograph a few more items for the shop. I think my favourite of the new pieces is this geometric silk scarf, made by Jacqmar of London in the 1960s.

Jacqmar of London was founded in the early 1930s, supplying beautiful silk scarves to leading fashion houses. During the war years, Jacqmar made striking propaganda scarves...

Images from Rennies

...before continuing to make their characteristic floral and abstract silks in the following decades. With their graphic patterns and bold designs, their work has become very collectable in recent times, with several examples ending up at the V&A in London. You can see some more of their propaganda scarves (like this blackout one and this Soviet one) on the Imperial War Museum collections website. 

I'll be listing more items in the coming days so keep an eye out... As soon as the sun re-appears, I'll photograph two lovely 50s dresses which I can't wait to add to the shop.

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